31 March 2011

Language Dilemma Sucks

Hello readers,

Welcome to my blog. A blog I created because I wanted to ramble about Internet Celebrities.. or celebrities in internet.

When I was creating this blog, the internet was hot about the quarrels of Xiaxue Vs. Peter Coffin, and rumors of Justine and Toby dating, as in like maybe being a couple but they don't wanna admit it. And I really wanted talk about this to my friends. But sadly, nobody, and not many in my country, is aware about this. That's why I thought at least I can express my thoughts about these things here, and maybe someday publish it to Indonesian readers.

After all the weeks of selecting the perfect design on blogspot, I ended up make it plain white and simple banner of words -__-" But hey, it's a start. My other constraint of start posting on this blog is that I was torn to make this blog in English or Indonesian.

Oh how I envy English-speaking countries. They won't be having this dilemma for sure.

Long story short, I decided to talk in English here so anybody can still read. And if you happen to be Indonesian that doesn't speak English, err.. please learn more English?

Oh well, I still wanna bring internet awesomeness to Indonesia. I hope this language decision I made does not impact my fellow Indonesians willingness to visit my blog.


PS.  I'm gonna share some stories of my life too here :)

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