07 May 2011

"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars

My sister introduced me to Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song and showed me the official video clip last night.

I swear I couldn't stop smiling and NODDING ALONG while watching this! xD
Helloo.. monkeys and sunglasses. Two of my favorite things combined! Hahaha..

Makes me wanna do the dance. But somebody has beaten me to it.

How fun!! I really like it.. Love all the effort. But too bad they didn't bother to flip the video so it'll be like the original.

Also found this fun song cover by those popular Asian Youtuber gang.

There's Ryan Higa, Kevin Jumba, D-trix, Chester See, JR, and Victor Kim. It's funny that those Asian American come together and make some sort of a clan to rule Youtube. (tee hee!) Except for Chester See though, he looks pretty white to me. :P But he makes videos with them, a lot.

And apparently they made another one.

But Ryan Higa is not in it.

I LOVE THIS SONG! Did you guys find any other fun cover of this video?
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