05 June 2011

Elle is PREGNANT??!!

So I've only been subscribing to whatsupelle since, like, 2 months ago since MysteryGuitarMan had a guest appearance in this video:

then I look around for her top viewed video and hit the subscribe button right away when I saw this one:

That girl is an awesome dancer! and cool editing skill to make her 'clones'.. You gotta watch till the end, the slow motions are just breathtaking :)

So she kept dancing around ever since and suddenly make this shocking announcement:

She's been hiding her pregnancy with loose clothes and objects in front of her stomach.
Yeah, is it okay to dance and jump around when you have a baby in your belly though?? Hope the baby didn't get dizzy :S

What's interesting is, that her "elligions" (that's what she calls her audience) didn't even know that she has a love life.
Yeah right guys, like every love life has to be publicized.. I caught her reply to a comment saying that Ross (the baby daddy, dunno if they're married or not) is shy and doesn't like to be on the internet. BUT he will make an appearance due to popular demand.

That's all. Are you surprised by the news too?

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