10 June 2011

Toby, Justine, END??

Looks like my two favorite vlogger, Toby Turner and Justine Ezarik, are not gonna get together? I mean, it's been a while since they vlogged together. Used to be frequent, and tried to go to each and every event together...

Even in that E3 Live event thingy they didn't go together :(

Or did they? and didn't wanna publish it?
Nope, Toby went with bunch of boys, including Jack from Jacksfilms.

This is the when their viewer starting to question their "friendship"..
Justine went with here sister, Jenna.

They all used to hang out together.

I get it when sometimes people are just wanna some time off each other. Especially with all those rumors going on. Tiresome.

Well, the best worst scenario I could hope for (yes, I said best worst) is that Toby DID actually make a move and Justine simply turned him down. I would be furious if Toby never had the guts to make a move. He's THAT close :(

I just miss seeing them vlogging together :(

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