13 November 2011

The Pinay YouTubers

I just discovered JLovesMac1/Jarmaine today, and her shows are not bad coz she's quite funny. A total combination of MichellePhan/Michelle Phan (makeup guru) and HappySlip/Cristine Gambito (comedy). Besides the fact that they are all Asian, after watching this video I noticed something..

Jermaine and Christine are really similar!!

I mean, look at the way they talk and act, especially when they joke.

I immediately googled if they were related, but no such luck. My guesses are:
- since they both are philipino-americans, maybe that's just the way they act :p
- since HappySlip came first on youtube, maybe JLovesMac1 watched too many HappySlip that it influenced her a lot.

But those are just guesses.

1 comment:

  1. You should add more Pinay youtubers to be more relevant today! :D
    There is Judy from Itsjudytime, I don't know about Jackjaaaack but i think she's a Filipina as well.. Heart from ThatsHeart.. There are a few filipina's on youtube that has already gained some popularity and has even made their own line of products :3

    & for filipina's as well that are based in the philippines so we can support each other in this community! hehe :D

    Thanks in advance! This was helpful though coz I did not know about happy slip ;)