05 December 2011

Brittani and Joey

Finally, Brittani/Joey fans, there. THERE. They finally admit it, so you can stop asking. YES, Joey and Brittani are dating, and apparently it's been 2 years. 

I was going to blog about this yesterday, when I saw they kissed again in Brittani's latest video:

And, ahem, did a loooot of retake of the kissing scene :")

I thought, aww.. they look so cute together. And then, wait, are they REALLY together?
Coz I STILL see those interrogative questions everywhere! Be it at Brittani's or Joey's channel. On EVERY video that shows both of them in the same frame. Sheesh.

Man, I hate it when people's comments make me doubting myself. I mean, I thought it was obvious, since the first time I saw them kissing in Brittani's video:

Looked so real right?

And also, look at how Joey treats Brittani:

BUT THEN, lately I see those comments everywhere. Wha? You mean, it's still a mystery?

Even though they always make videos together, that's just not enough evidence ain't it?

I don't think they live together though..

Brittani is saving 'it' for marriage HOW SWEET IS THAT?

Okay, that's all of my rant.. for now.
TEE HEE! #wrongchannel

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