23 June 2012

Today's Korean Exam

Some of you may already know that I'm studying Korean and taking courses in my campus. I'm at level 1 and today was my first oral exam. One of the task was making a formal introduction.

Bellow is script.


저는 티지라고 합니다.

자카르타에서 왔습니다.

치네레에서 삽니다.

저는 대학생입니다.

저는 인도네시아 대학교에서 공부합니다.

만나서 반갑슴니다.

That's all. Sorry for not giving you the romanization or translation.. Too lazy :p

I personally don't like to romanize because when you know the right pronuntiation, it's hard to agree with romanizations. Not to mention there are many ways to romanize, I couldn't be bothered to choose any of them.

Maybe if there were any request, and I'm already fluent, someday I'll make a video of me speaking Korean :D

My target is by the end of 2012, I will be able to watch Korean variety shows without subtitles and can have conversations in Korean.

Wish me luck!

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